Nothing pairs better with a hot summer day like a cold brew. Luckily, Meredith, NH has some fabulous breweries ready to provide you with some of the best-tasting beer in the area. Visiting breweries is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family – after all, who doesn’t love a fun 21+ activity? Discover some of the best breweries right in Meredith, NH, that are just minutes away from Bayside Rentals.

The 2 Best Breweries in Meredith, NH

You can find the two best breweries in Meredith, NH, if you continue reading below. Round up your whole crew and go discover what could be your new favorite beer! Even if you don’t find it, you’ll still get plenty of new tastes from these two breweries.


Find just about every beer you’re looking for when you visit Case-N-Keg. You’ll come across an amazing selection of different lagers, ales, stouts, IPA’s, malt liquor, ciders, barley wine, or any other kind sold in New Hampshire. Aside from the beer, you’ll find some high-quality cigars that will pair nicely with every beer at Case-N-Keg.

Twin Barns Brewing Co.

Since July 2018, Twin Barns Brewing Co. has been brewing and serving proper handcrafted beer in the Lakes Region. Enjoy a variety of ale’s and IPA’s and much more – every beer lover will find their favorite style when visiting Twin Barns Brewing Co. If you get hungry, don’t worry! This brewery also has plenty of tasty food to hold you over. 

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