Whether you have a love for all things boating or not, the New Hampshire Boat Museum proves to be interesting for anybody, no matter what their interests may be. On your next vacation to the lovely state of New Hampshire, experience the New Hampshire Boat Museum and all of its hands-on programs and events. It will certainly be worth the 40-minute drive from Bayside Rentals, and it’ll make for a unique afternoon that your whole family will remember!

Reasons to Visit the New Hampshire Boat Museum

The New Hampshire Boat Museum isn’t just any museum – they are an experiential center that focuses on learning through doing, by offering a plethora of hands-on programs. The museum’s events calendar is full of events, celebrations, and auctions, and there is so much one can learn when they visit the museum. Below are a few highlights of the New Hampshire Boat Museum!

Ride the Millie B

Cruise the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee in the Millie B., the 28-foot mahogany, triple cockpit “woodie” that is a replica of the 1928 Hacker-Craft. When you’re out on the Millie B., you’ll understand what it feels like to experience the golden age of boating. This 45-minute tour will be memorable for anyone – some would say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Family-Friendly Activities

The New Hampshire Boat Museum is always hosting hands-on activities for visitors to enjoy that you can’t find anywhere else. The museum even hosts boat building classes, where youth, family, and adults can learn to build their own boat from a kit using high-quality materials at a reasonable cost with help from the experienced and friendly staff!

If you don’t want to take on the task of building a boat, there’s always the option to learn how to restore a boat. The restoration crew at the museum has restored several boats, like a 1959 MiloCraft, a rare 1930s galvanized steel StarCraft, and a hand-made 1920s ice boat. This can be another memorable experience for you and your family as you leave with your new skills!

Family Fun Center

The whole family will love everything that the Family Fun Center offers. Whether you want to drop the kids off while you explore the museum, or experience the Family Fun Center with them. You’ll be able to build a virtual canoe and see if it floats or sinks, and practice your artistic skills by coloring boating scenes. Go on a family scavenger hunt to find special objects throughout the museum, or test your knot-tying skills at the activity stations around the museum. There’s fun for all at the Family Fun Center!

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