We all know the feeling of trying to find a family activity for everyone to enjoy, with no kicking and screaming. Finding an activity that everybody wants to do while on vacation isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but there is a solution: visiting the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Here, you’ll enter a world of open meadows, mature forests, and interactive natural exhibits where native animals reside. Come experience the natural beauty of nature and its creatures when you visit this science center!

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center: What to Expect

There are almost too many activities to count when you visit the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. One of the best things about this science center is the animals you’ll see – black bears, mountain lions, raptors, river otters, bobcats, and more. Walk along the exhibit trail and bring a picnic lunch or go on a lake cruise. The options are endless!

Live Animal Exhibit Trail

Plan to set aside at least two hours to walk the ¾-mile exhibit trail to explore the open meadows, mature forests, and marsh boardwalks on a well-kept, packed gravel path. There are several exhibits where you and your family can have fun at and learn about the animals that live in these habitats. These exhibits include coyote, white-tailed deer, bobcat, mountain lion, and more. 

Hiking Trails

The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center includes three hiking trails for families and friends to enjoy. The Ecotone, Forest, and Mt. Fayal Trail are all different lengths, that can take up one hour to hike. Plan to wear proper footwear with good traction, bring water and sunscreen, and protective clothing and insect repellent to avoid mosquitos, blackflies, and ticks.

Kirkwood Gardens

The beautiful plants and colorful bloom at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center brings the garden to life. When you walk through the garden, you’ll see bees, butterflies, and birds of many species, making themselves at home. Ferns, sugar maples, apple trees, hostas, azaleas, and other shade-loving plants, as well as sculptures, beautiful granite steps, and other types of stone, are spread throughout the garden. There is no shortage of beauty in the Kirkwood Gardens!

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