Many benefits come with choosing a vacation rental over a hotel room while staying in the Lakes Region, NH, with Bayside Rentals. Not only will you have a variety of size options to choose from, but each vacation rental also comes with its own charming atmosphere. If you’re going back and forth trying to decide whether you’d like to be in a hotel or vacation rental, let us offer some guidance to get the ball rolling on the process! Keep reading to explore eight reasons as to why choosing a vacation rental over a hotel room will be a no brainer decision for your next vacation. 

1 & 2. Cost-Efficient and Free Entertainment

Lakes Region NHWhy pay for separate hotel rooms when you can keep your group under one roof while traveling to the lakes in New Hampshire. By opting for our affordable properties, you’ll be able to split rental costs or prepare a homemade meal in a fully equipped kitchen to save money from dining out every evening. You’ll also enjoy free entertainment such as sitting by the fire pit roasting marshmallows, playing board games, or watching movies while sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine. 

3. The Comfort of Sleeping Sound

Not need to worry about sharing a hotel wall with your noisy neighbors in the Lakes Region, NH, when you choose a vacation rental. Hotel walls are thin, and there’s nothing more annoying than trying to get a peaceful night’s sleep when you’re being woken up every other hour. 

4 & 5. Space and Privacy

While there are many outdoor activities and fun things to do in NH, you’ll find most of your nights being spent indoors with your loved ones. When traveling with your family, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling congested with every move you make and having someone in the room every time you change your clothes. Fortunately, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of properties that feature different rooms and lounge areas so that you’re able to enjoy your own space on vacation.

6. & 7. Versatile Options and Amenities

Lakes Region NHYou’ll enjoy being able to choose the location and property that suits your individual needs. Want a rental that’s within steps of the beach? Maybe a two-car garage is a must in the winter or a home that features a sauna? We’ve got them! Perhaps you’d like to watch the sunset over lakes in New Hampshire on a large walk-out deck, want to relax in a jacuzzi in the evening, or would like a washer and dryer on-site if you’re staying longer. We’ve got countless options and amenities to choose from in the Lakes Region, NH, that are sure to please everyone. 

8. Live Like a Local

Hotels are always offering touristy traps and brochures that get you to spend money on things in the area you may not even be interested in doing. We offer guests information on the best restaurants in the area, shopping locales, as well as options summer and winter activities in NH so that you’re able to live as the locals do. Find more information on what you can expect to find in the area under our Travel Guide page

Lakes Region NHWhether you’re looking for a luxury home, cozy cottage, waterfront property, or want a vacation rental with a pool, you’ll be able to explore your options on our website. Bayside Rentals offers properties for groups both large and small that feature up to 11 bedrooms, and we even offer studios for the solo traveler! If you have any questions while booking your stay online, please give our welcoming staff a call at 1-866-990-6796.